A Birthday Celebration – Hog Roast Woolwich

Hog Roast Woolwich are often asked to cater formal functions where many people are invited to dine on a multi-course menu, but our experts are just as well-versed in providing single-item menus for informal gatherings of just a few guests if needed instead. Our delicious food is suitable for just about anything you can think of, from a wedding reception to a conference or a birthday party to a school fair, and with so much choice and variety on offer, we’ve got you covered regardless of your wants and needs.

Hog Roast WoolwichWhile we’ve perfected our amazing Hog Roast Woolwich hog roasts over many years, using the equipment that we build ourselves from scratch and which we often hire out to our customers so they can DIY, we certainly understand that both old and new customers of ours may need alternatives or additional dishes served. If you need special diets catering, just let us know, and our chef will whip up suitable, tasty dishes, fresh on the day, and if you’d prefer a different meat to a hog roast, we can always spit-roast or barbecue your preference.

We also have standalone menus on offer, like our stunning Southern Slow Roast or our lovely Loaded Fries, as well as various options so that you can create your own menu, including starters, sides, puddings and even handmade canap├ęs. Whatever floats your boat and whatever your requirements for your next special occasion, Hog Roast Woolwich will do you proud and impress both you and your guests with our top-notch service and food to die for.

Over the weekend, our professionals cooked up a treat with a hog roast centrepiece made into pigs in buns but we also served an additional main course for vegetarians – in this case, our highly popular veggie wraps. To make them, we grill halloumi, tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette, red onion and peppers and serve in wraps with a Tzatziki dip, although we often also make them vegan by omitting the cheese if needed.

For this birthday celebration, all the guests were wowed by our food and so much so that everything we served was stripped clean.