Teachers Retirement Party with Hog Roast Dartford!

This Wednesday we were in Dartford to cater at Suzie’s retirement party. After being a teacher for nearly 50 years, her colleagues and friends thought she deserved to retire in style and that meant it was cause for a Hog Roast Dartford! At the school where Suzie had worked for the last few decades, we […]

Hog Roast Camden House Warming Party

Today Hog Roast Camden were catering at a housewarming party in Camden a few miles from our base. Kim and Freddy had just moved into their first home together and after weeks of decorating and scouring the shops for the perfect furniture, they had finally got the house just how they wanted it. To celebrate […]

Buying A Hog Roast Brixton for The First Time

In order to be the successful caterers that we are here at Hog Roast Brixton we need to have good quality, trustworthy equipment. That is why we design and manufacture all of our own machines that we use day in and day out ourselves from our little factory in the North west of England! We […]

Hiring A Hog Roast Acton Machine Has Never Been Easier!

Whilst catering forms a huge part of what we do here at Hog Roast Acton did you know that we also hire out and sell our trusty hog roast machines to the public? So that means anyone, including yourself, could be roasting a succulent hog from scratch in the comfort of your own home! The reason […]

Hog Roast Sutton – 60th Wedding Anniversary Catering

At Hog Roast Sutton, you’ll find us well-versed in many different kinds of catering services, from posh, formal weddings to informal parties in someone’s back garden, and everything in-between. We’re more than happy to cater whatever and wherever you need, whether that’s just a few friends or hundreds of conference delegates, and with many interchangeable […]

The After Party With Hog Roast Waterloo!

This October, Rebecca and Josh were getting married and they had a large number of guests attending. Josh had proposed to Rebecca a few months earlier while they were on holiday and they started planning their wedding straight away. In addition, they had invited more people to their after party and so needed to provide […]

Hog Roast Vauxhall Celebrating A Baby Shower

Abigail and Danny are extremely excited for the birth of their first daughter in November and Abigail couldn’t wait to host a baby shower to celebrate her pregnancy with her close friends and family. Her mother helped her to organise the celebration and baked a fantastic selection of cupcakes decorated with pink icing. However, their […]

Hog Roast Mitcham – Perfect For Impressing Every Guest

When you treat yourself and your guests to a Hog Roast Mitcham feast, you don’t only get great food. While we are passionate about the dishes that we create from fresh, local ingredients, from our sumptuous signature hog roasts to our sizzling spit roasts and so much more, we are also passionate about the service […]

Backyard Barbecue – Hog Roast Acton!

When you think of a hog or spit roast, you may have in mind a lavish event, like a formal wedding or corporate affair with hundreds of guests. You may think it’s really expensive and perhaps inaccessible for you and your wants and needs. However, at Hog Roast Acton, we have options for everyone and […]

Hog Roast Dagenham Wedding Caterers!

Another wedding means another Hog Roast Dagenham! This week we were asked to cater at Ruby and Mikes wedding that was being held at the town hall. We were told over the phone that there was no particular theme but as it was now officially Autumn the couple wanted everything to have an autumnal feel […]

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