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Rayners Lane’s Most Renowned Hog Roast Caterer

Hog Roast Rayners LaneOrganising the food for an event, party or special celebration can be a bit of a challenge, but not if you use us at Hog Roast Rayners Lane to take care of the catering for you. We have the experience you need to pull off a big party and provide food that will keep everyone happy.

Here is a summary of the food we provide for parties held in the and around the Rayner’s Lane area.

Perfect for any Occasion

A whole hog roasting is an impressive sight, but not everyone wants to eat meat or that particular type of meat. That is why we have branched out and now offer a huge menu of other foods.

Over the years we have developed ways to spit roast all kinds of meats in the machines that we use. You tell us what you want and we provide it.

Hog Roast Rayner's LaneThe menu section of this website is a great place to find inspiration. There you can choose menus that feature other meats including, lamb, beef, chicken and turkey.

We like to source our meat and other ingredients locally. This is because doing so guarantees freshness and helps us to ensure that the meat we serve is of the highest quality.

Here is an overview of the other types of food we offer:

  • Canapés – our canapé range is inspired by the cuisines of the world and there are dozens to choose from
  • Cold meats – our cold meats also come from across the world, so there is plenty of choice
  • Salad – a great accompaniment to our finger foods and cold cuts
  • Roasts – If you want to serve a roast rather than a buffet, you can do that
  • Sides – we offer a huge range of side dishes
  • Desserts – your guests will love our desserts

To ensure that people with special dietary needs are catered for we can give you a full list of the ingredients used in each dish.

Want to Know More? Let Us Provide You with a Quote

You can also hire a hog roast machine from us.

It is could not be easier to hire us. Please call or fill in the enquiry form for a no obligation quote.