Hog Roast Wembley Caters No Matter What The Weather!

We had a good run folks, but it seems that things have finally returned to business as usual where the weather is concerned! As we cater for so many outdoor events, the Hog Roast Wembley team area no strangers to having soggy feet or cooking in the rain and we never let a bit of precipitation get in the way of serving up our awesome food to our usual high standard! So, we weren’t in any way perturbed when we arrived at the harbour in a heavy downpour to cater for a local regatta! It seemed the crew and spectators weren’t in such high spirits though, especially as the regatta usually takes place in July, when the weather would have been scorching, but due to unforeseen circumstances it had been delayed by a month! As we set up shop, our own jolly crew managed to cheer everyone up by pointing out to the sailors that most of them were going to get wet anyway, even if the sun had been shining, and also by reminding them that in reward for their toil on the water, they would be able to enjoy some of our delicious slow-roasted pork, that was guaranteed to warm the cockles of any dampened spirit!

The mood lifted as the smell of the pork emanated around the marina and the crowd soon forgot the rain as the races got underway and they cheered on their favourites! Hog Roast Wembley stayed focused on the task at hand and with military precision, we were ready to serve the contestants and spectators after all of the races were won and lost and the award ceremony had taken place. The rain was forgotten as we treated everyone to one of our unbeatable hog roasts and after starting the day with a collective grumble, the crowd were now in incredibly high spirits! It was difficult to discern who had won and lost the races, as everyone was jovial and enjoying the food and atmosphere so much!

The Hog Roast Wembley team may not be able to control the weather , but we always manage to take people’s minds of it with our fab food and upbeat service!


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