Hog Roast Romford Selection for a 90th Birthday Celebration!

Last weekend, the Hog Roast Romford team got the chance to prove that we have a lot more strings to our bow than our unbeatable roasts when we were asked to provide one of our equally delicious alternative slow-roasted meats for a 90th birthday party! Even though our classic hog roasts are our pride and joy, we realise that to stay at the top of our game we need to offer menus that are as varied our diners are, and because slow-roasting is the best way of cooking many different types of meat, we are able to do this time and time again!

Hog Roast Romford

David wanted to give his grandmother, who had reached the grand old age of 90, a special treat for a special birthday and give her a nice day with all the family, including her 8 great grandchildren! David told us that roast beef had always been his grandmother’s favourite and when he found out that we offered a delicious version of it served with horseradish crème and our own rich homemade red wine gravy, he hired Hog Roast Romford to do the catering there and then!

He was also impressed that we make every aspect of the menu from scratch on the day using only the best locally-sourced ingredients and ethically-reared meat, so he knew his grandmother was going to receive the extra-special roast beef dinner she deserved for her benchmark birthday! As David predicted, the birthday girl was thrilled with David’s menu choice, as was the rest of the family and she absolutely loved the food. She had a lovely day with all of her family present and her grandson was definitely in her good books after hiring us to provide such a delicious meal for her!

Pork may not have been on the menu, but thanks to Hog Roast Romford’s ability to cook any joint of meat to perfection and inject our own unique touch into their traditional trimmings, the food was a big hit with every generation of the family and it was the ideal way to celebration David’s grandmother’s 90th birthday!