Hog Roast Vauxhall Celebrating A Baby Shower

Abigail and Danny are extremely excited for the birth of their first daughter in November and Abigail couldn’t wait to host a baby shower to celebrate her pregnancy with her close friends and family. Her mother helped her to organise the celebration and baked a fantastic selection of cupcakes decorated with pink icing. However, their guests were going to need something a little bit more to fill themselves up and Abigail wanted to arrange something nice as many of her guests were bringing her baby gifts. They decided to hire the Hog Roast Vauxhall team to make their day special and host them in their garden.

Hog Roast VauxhallOn the day of their October Baby Shower, the Hog Roast Vauxhall team arrived and set up in the garden, filling the air with the scents of spices and roasting meats. Meanwhile, Abigail and Danny’s guests piled into their house with gifts of all shapes and sizes. As the couple unwrapped their huge pile of presents, the Hog Roast Vauxhall team readied themselves to serve their buffet to the guests.

Eager to try the different roasted meats on offer, the guests thoroughly enjoyed the huge variety offered by the Hog Roast Vauxhall team’s buffet. The food went down very well and the team worked hard to top it up, continuing to cook more as the guests ate. The team were perfect for Abigail and Danny’s small celebration as they provided a friendly service and made efforts to initiate conversations with the guests to build a really lovely party for the couple.

Abigail and Danny were very impressed by the quality of the food and the service from the Hog Roast Vauxhall team. By hiring the catering staff, they were able to host their baby shower from home without the stress of cooking for their guests. In addition, the team timed the cooking of the Hog Roast perfectly with that of the party. They were thrilled by the success of the Hog Roast and were pleasantly surprised by how friendly and polite the team were and the couple thoroughly enjoyed the experience.