Surprises in Store with Hog Roast Willesden

A birthday party is all well and good, but it can be so much better when your friends and family come together to organize a surprise one for you. Not only is the surprise an excellent gift in itself, you don’t have to do any of that pesky organising! You just get to enjoy friends and family taking the time and effort to make a tributary celebration for you!

But what’s even better than seeing all your friends and family jump for joy when you enter a room is to then spy the catering team of Hog Roast Willesden behind them, cooking you and yours a brilliant feast of your favourite hog roasts and meaty treats. That was certainly the case for Amanda, who upon her 30th birthday was treated to a surprise party organised by her best friends. Jake, Amanda’s long-time friend, approached Hog Roast Willesden knowing that she had glowed about our catering at a previous party she had attended where we provided our staple hog roast catering. He wanted to give her more of what she already loves, so gave hog roast Willesden a call and told us the plan for their dear Amanda’s 30th. We were all too happy to oblige!

Hog Roast Willesden While Amanda was taken out shopping and for a few drinks the party was given time to get together before the surprise, while our catering team were also given ample time to start cooking up a roast feast, ready to be served for as soon as she would arrive. The surprise went off excellently with Amanda none the wiser, and to then follow up her surprise with a freshly made hand pulled pork roll special from our team was a welcome treat for 30 years well lived! Surprise over, the party was free to enjoy a buffet range on Hog Roast Willesden. They enjoyed our staple hog roast along with a wonderful lamb carvery roast, plenty of sides of fresh salads, roast potatoes, fries, canapés of handmade gourmet sausages, mini quiches and more. We’re certain that we picked up more than a few more admirers with our service, so we hopefully look forward to seeing many of these guests again soon!