A 60th birthday feast for 60 lucky guests

If you’re planning any kind of special occasion where you need catering, you’ll want to know that all of the guests that you invite will be able to eat delicious, fresh, suitable food on the day, and that includes those with dietary needs as well as different personal tastes and bigger appetites. When it comes to Hog Roast Weybridge, we’ve got you covered for all of this and more, with so much variety and choice on offer, providing tasty dishes that are inclusive of everyone’s wants and needs.

Hog Roast WeybridgeOne of our traditional hog roasts may be just the ticket for your particular special occasion but you may prefer something else to be served to wow your guests, such as a spit-roasted bird or animal, or maybe a barbecue full of our ribs, burgers and sausages. We have various special standalone menus available too, like our pigs in buns, our new loaded fries, where we smother French fries in meat, slaw, melting cheese and jalapenos, or our Southern Slow Roast, which gives you three marinated meats and four sides to boot.

In terms of special diets, we are often asked to provide a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free option, and our dedicated, experienced Hog Roast Weybridge chef will make your guests a tasty, homemade dish on the day. Plus if you need a different diet catered, just ask us what we can do for you. We aim to not only please but to exceed your expectations, regardless of your wishes or requirements at your forthcoming party or event.

For a milestone birthday party that Hog Roast Weybridge catered for Sylvia’s 60th on Saturday afternoon, she had asked us to provide a truly scrumptious menu of a plated hog roast meal for her 60 guests, with tender meat, crispy crackling, our own apple sauce and stuffing, seasonal vegetables and roasties, as well as our homemade gravy to smother it all in. By the time the guests arrived at the lovely hotel venue, the marquee was filled with amazing aromas and a real sight for sore eyes – a resting hog that had been sizzling away for hours on end, ready to carve and serve to satisfy everyone’s hunger.