Surprise Celebration Catering From Hog Roast Dartford!

When our long-term customer Russell asked Hog Roast Dartford to provide a tasty feast for a special occasion, he knew he would be in good hands, as he often asks us to cater both his private and corporate parties. With around sixty guests invited to his home to celebrate his wife Diane’s 50th surprise birthday celebration, which would be held in their large back garden, our dedicated professionals would need to prepare an assortment of delicious homemade mains to suit carnivores, vegetarians and gluten-free guests, and Russell also wanted us to serve some side dishes too.

Hog Roast DartfordIn terms of main courses, we don’t just offer Hog Roast Dartford hog roasts and spit-roasted meat, as we understand that personal tastes and special diets may need to be covered. Whether you’re thinking of us serving our infamous pigs in buns or a plated hog or spit roast meal, a barbecue of burgers and sausages or a special menu like our Southern Slow Roast, we really do have something for everyone, and we can help you to create your own menu from scratch if needed.

Russell didn’t take long to decide on his wife’s favourite pigs in buns for the main event, where we would take along additional gluten-free bread rolls so that those guests could enjoy them too, as all the other ingredients are already suitable. The vegetarians would be treated to our yummy veggie skewers and everyone would be able to enjoy our homemade coleslaw, sweet potatoes wedges and leafy salads, which would be prepared separately (like the skewers) to make sure they were suitable for those guests on special diets.

Our Hog Roast Dartford chef and catering assistants catered this lovely affair on Saturday evening, after cooking a large, fresh, great-quality pig for hours on end in the back garden, until we had a perfectly crispy outer, full of crackling, and a perfectly moist and tender inner, where our carving knife slipped right through so easily. Once the guest of honour arrived to see the surprise, we served the feast of great proportions in a heated marquee tent, and by the end of service everything we made had been stripped clean and all the guests were more than satisfied.