Artistic Cuisine with Hog Roast Dulwich!

This week provided the team at Hog Roast Dulwich with a chance to give something back to the community. We were contacted by a local Artist named Nell, who has been working with primary schools in the area to try and encourage more children to engage in Art. As a result of her efforts, Nell found a number of budding artists and wanted to give them the opportunity to showcase their work in a public display, alongside works of her own. The display would take place over the course of an evening, and Nell asked us to cater for the event and provide a Hog Roast for the guests in order to tempt them into staying longer, as well as tempting any passers-by. Of course when we heard that the event was for such a noble cause, we offered to provide the catering free of charge.

The display was held at Nell’s studio, which had been adorned with a wide variety of paintings and artistic works and there was a separate wall for the children whose work was on display. By the time guests began to arrive at roughly 7 o’clock, our chef had been working hard to ensure the Hog would be ready, and sure enough it had roasted to a wonderfully golden hue – a work of art in itself. It was served with our crusty bread rolls and selection of sauces, otherwise known as our famous Pigs in Buns. We also provided a catering assistant who roamed with glasses of complimentary champagne, as guests viewed the different works on display.

The showcase turned out to be a great success and as well as Nell being able to sell some of her exquisite paintings, the children’s work was admired by many, and the budding young artists had the first-hand experience of having their work viewed and critiqued.

Meanwhile the team at Hog Roast Dulwich had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, beholding wonderful works of art and feeling the joys of giving back to the community. At the end of the night they discreetly tidied away and disposed of any waste off-site.