Church Hog Roast Ilford

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to cater for the opening of a new parish church with a delicious hog roast Ilford. For a lovely close-knit community who had all rallied around to organise the opening and we were looking forward to meeting them all.

When we arrived the parishioners met us and gave us a tour of the church, we were very impressed it looked amazing and they were very proud of it their faces lit up as they showed us around. We were shown into the large hall and we began by setting up the machine and placing a huge firm fresh pig on to cook for the hog roast Ilford. We set up our prep table and we washed our hands and changed into our aprons and began to make the side dishes. We peeled and chopped some potatoes and covered them in oil and herbs and spices these take minutes to cook and are ever so tasty and are becoming a firm favourite with guests. We peeled and chopped an array of salad materials and placed them in large glass bowls and dotted them around the tables for the salads we prepared some lovely dips and dressings and soon we were in full swing unpacking and plating up the freshly baked buns and quiches we had made at the crack of dawn and the smell of the pig cooking was amazing!

A few of the parishioners popped their head around the door commenting on the smell saying you could smell it out side and saying how hungry they now all felt. But it wasn’t long and we were all done as the guests arrived. The guests were greeted to a feast before their very eyes! The tables were covered in food and they commented on how amazing it all looked. They all stood and watched as our chef did his magic and carved the hog roast Ilford the meat was carved into huge succulent slices and placed on a huge server for the guests to enjoy. They all filled up their plates and thanked us over and over for the food to which we replied “It was our absolute pleasure!”

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