Hog Roast Old Bexley Providing Just About Anything You Can Imagine For Your Celebration

While you may well know Hog Roast Old Bexley as a top-class catering business in terms of our signature dish – the good old hog roast of course – what you may not know is that we have much more up our sleeves too. From delicate, tasty, handmade canap├ęs to scrumptious starters, desserts and sides, our additional options will certainly impress your guests if you’re thinking of devising your own menu. You can instead choose from one of our own menus if you prefer, like our famous pigs in buns, our current winter warmer or our festive menu at Christmastime, or if you prefer to have a barbecue or feast on our highly-popular Southern Slow Roast, we can easily do that for you too. Whatever your wants and needs, our Hog Roast Old Bexley professionals can help make your party or event go with a bang and your guests will remember our delicious food for a long time to come.

Hog Roast Old BexleyScarlett booked our catering services a few weeks ago and when she first contacted us, she knew exactly what she wanted serving at her 35th birthday celebration – those famous pigs in buns of ours. You may know them as hog roast rolls but either way, they are heaven-sent miracles in a bun, with soft and tender meat, crispy, crunchy crackling, apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing all crammed into soft bread rolls, and just waiting for your choice of condiment to add (or you can enjoy them sauce-free if preferred).

On the day of Scarlett’s do, our Hog Roast Old Bexley chef and assistant arrived at her home early afternoon and set up our equipment in the back garden. After preparing the medium-sized pig by scoring it and adding lots of water and plenty of salt, it sizzled away slowly but surely for hours on end while we watched over it. It started to pour down later on in the day but our trusty gazebo kept us and the food dry and as we were located by the conservatory, it was easy enough to serve our delectable pigs in buns to the guests without them getting soaked, and once they tucked in, everyone forgot all about the bad weather.