Hog Roast Surbiton Making A 30th Birthday One To Remember

From both informal back yard get-togethers to posh business events in luxury venues, either a handful of guests invited or several hundred, Hog Roast Surbiton is the perfect choice to ensure that you and all of your guests are treated to homemade, wholesome food. Our highly-trained professionals use fresh, quality ingredients to create our delicious dishes, and we use local ingredients where possible, including the meat that we source from trusted suppliers of butchers and farmers. Having spent many years perfecting our menus, we’ve no doubt that there’s something for all of your guests’ needs, including special diets and bigger appetites, although sometimes one of our simple menus is just the ticket for your party or event.

Hog Roast SurbitonThis was the case for a private party that Hog Roast Surbiton catered yesterday evening, where our chef prepared and cooked a high-quality hog to feed around forty guests our famous pigs in buns. When our new customer Josie called us to book our catering services, she had been recommended to us by some friends who had loved our take on hog roast rolls and she knew they would be the perfect treat at her birthday party in her large back garden.

On the day of the milestone celebration, Josie’s 30th, our chef and catering assistants arrived at her home venue several hours before service, as it takes a long time to roast a pig to perfection after lovingly preparing the meat from scratch first. Once it was sizzling away, all we had to do was keep an eye on it, to ensure it cooked through and through, both inside and out, until we had a crispy, browned outer, full of salty crackling, and soft and tender meat inside, that just fell off the bone.

After a short rest, our Hog Roast Surbiton chef sliced off the crackling and sliced into the meat to produce piles of both in trays, ready to cram into soft, bread rolls and flatbread wraps, while our assistants got the other ingredients ready on the serving tables, including our own-recipe apple sauce and stuffing and various condiments and by 7pm, Josie and her guests were enjoying our amazing feast.