Hog Roast Romford Titan Hire

Whenever we cater at events, we always make sure to leave plenty of our Hog Roast Romford business cards so that our clients and their guest can easily find out more about us and enquire themselves if they enjoyed an event. Often, we actually get enquires from people who have tasted our slow roasted food who are looking to try out our style of cooking for themselves. Usually people are just looking for some advice as to where they can get started and so are amazed to learn that here at Hog Roast Romford, we actually hire out all of our hog roasting equipment to members of the public too.

Hog Roast RomfordWe had one such enquiry recently from Jenny who had enjoyed her Hog Roast Romford event so much she had called us the very next day to book us in again. In the meantime, however, she wanted to find out more about our ancient style of cooking and how we are able to make such succulent roasts despite them taking hours to cook. We explained that really most of the hard work is done by the machines we use to cater. These hardworking, durable machines are actually manufactured and designed by us at Hog Roast Romford and so we are the UKs experts on their use.

Jenny was impressed to learn this an even more so when we invited her to try out our range for herself. Having visited our factory Jenny decided she wanted to test run the Titan machine. Although the Titan is one of our larger more industrial machines it is so simple to use and can easily be manoeuvred by one person if necessary. Jenny told us she was mostly drawn in by the machines impressive size and wanted to see the look on her husband’s face when she cooked him up her own Hog Roast Romford! We are looking forward to hearing your feedback Jenny!