Hog Roast Wallington Nailing American-inspired Mac and cheese

All-time favourite of comfort foods, Mac, and cheese. A classic choice when it comes to Hog Roast Wallington’s Southern-Slow Roast and on some occasions has been asked to be the vegetarian option at a wedding. Is there anything better than the combination of pasta and cheese?! Enjoyed all adults and children alike!

Recently, Hog Roast Wallington has improved their recipe and since so many of you and your guests comment on how heavenly the Mac and cheese is, we’re going to share the recipe with you.

First, bring water to the boil and add the pasta. Turn the heat down. The pasta will usually take 8-12 minutes, you can use whatever pasta you have in the cupboard, but Hog Roast Wallington likes to stick with the traditional macaroni-styled pasta. While the pasta is cooking away, you need to make the sauce. Start by melting butter in a pan, gradually add flour whilst whisking to make a rouge. After this, gradually add in heated milk to make more of a creamy consistency. Into the creamy consistency, mix in a spoonful of English mustard and season with salt and pepper. Then stir in the cheese! Use your favourite cheese although, Hog Roast Wallington finds that mature cheddar cheese does a fantastic job! If you want to make it extra stringy, also include mozzarella cheese. Once the cheese has been absorbed into the sauce, drain the pasta, and add that into the pan ensuring that each piece of pasta is enveloped in the cheesy mixture. Now it is time to bake it! Pour the contents onto a baking tray and smooth over. Sprinkle more cheese on the top and bake it for half an hour. You could add breadcrumbs or even crushed cheese and onion crisps for added texture in the last 10 minutes of the bake.

Hog Roast Wallington Hog Roast Wallington has seen guests enjoy the Mac and cheese on top of their succulent BBQ pork in a bun or with a drizzle of sweet chilli on top, some guests have even placed the Mac and cheese on top of their chips turning the chips into loaded fries with the BBQ-flavoured infused meats. All these ways always look incredibly scrumptious! Which way would you have it?