Hog Roast Peckham Love Catering A Fancy Dress Party!

Hog Roast Peckham often caters birthday parties, like Jack’s fancy dress do that we happily catered over the weekend, but whatever kind of special occasion you are organising, know that our catering services are more than suitable. We’ve spent years helping countless customers to celebrate occasions with their guests, catering both formal functions and informal gatherings, from posh hotels to many a back garden, and one thing in common is our high-quality, fresh, homemade food that is made with love. Our professional, highly-trained chefs have ample experience in ensuring that everyone invited gets to enjoy our delicious food, too, so if you have any guests with varying personal tastes or different diets, know that they are covered too.

Hog Roast PeckhamWhen Jack asked Hog Roast Peckham to cater his birthday party, he wanted us to roast a medium-sized hog to perfection, so that we could make most of the guests our amazing pigs in buns. However, he also needed us to provide a vegetarian option for two of the guests, so asked us for recommendations. We can easily make suitable dishes, like mac and cheese, stuffed mushrooms or quiche, but our most popular vegetarian option is our veggie skewers, featuring yummy halloumi cheese and a variety of vegetables grilled and served with pitta bread and a Tzatziki dip. Jack was more than happy for these to be served, and also asked us to freshly prepare a couple of salads on the day too, which we often do.

On the day of Jack’s 35th birthday, our Hog Roast Peckham chef and team members made their way to his home and set up our equipment in the back garden. Before long, the hog was sizzling in its own juices for hours on end, and we kept a watchful eye on it as it did so.

Later on in the day, before the guests arrived in their fancy dress gear, we put together a garden-fresh tomato and mozzarella salad and our homemade coleslaw and grilled the skewers, before getting ready the pigs in buns ingredients – fresh bread rolls, wraps, apple sauce and stuffing – and then it was finally time for the guests to arrive, dressed to the nines, and for us to serve some gorgeous food.