Another Happy Customer From Hammersmith Using Our Machine Hire Service

Our Hog Roast Hammersmith team have been enjoying the lovely summer weather with our customers, whether catering for events and parties both locally and further away, or when hiring out our own hog roast machines. We cater to both professional and domestic chefs with our machine rental service and we have a range of equipment […]

Independence Day Hog Roast for American Relatives In Kensington!

After researching her family tree a couple of years ago, Mary discovered she had distant relatives side in American, and through the power of social media, she managed to get in touch with them. They were thrilled to hear from her and they have stayed in regular contact ever since. This year, they decided to […]

Hog Roast for a Singles Night in Tottenham!

Love may have not necessarily been in the air, but the tantalising aroma of slow-roasted pork certainly was, when Hog Roast Tottenham were asked to cater for a Singles Night recently! The singles night was a new idea for pub landlord Laura, and she wasn’t sure how successful it would be. For their first attempt, […]

Hog Roast Bickley for a Riverside Pub Re-Opening

The tranquil riverside location of Elaine and Terry’s pub may be the envy of their fellow local publicans, but unfortunately, they paid a terrible price for their stunning spot last winter, when during a period of heavy rain, the river flooded and did devastating damage to their precious pub. The damage was so bad, they […]

Try Hog Roasting For Yourself With Our Hog Roast Hire Service

You may well know Hog Roast Kenton for providing gorgeous food to guests at parties and events in this area and further afield but did you also know that we offer more services? We make our own hog roast machines from scratch, having designed them ourselves first, and we have a range of equipment to […]

Hog Roast Camberwell Celebration for a New Driver!

At the age of 37 and with five failed driving tests behind her, Sue was on the verge of giving up. She was feeling so frustrated that she always seemed to fall at the final hurdle no matter how hard she tried. Her husband Keith eventually persuaded her to give it one more go and […]

Hog Roast Beckton for a City Centre Rooftop Garden

Amid all the hustle, bustle, noise and crowds that are all a part of city life, it’s often difficult to imagine being able to find a tranquil green space to have some peace and quiet and get away from it all. A group of innovative urban gardeners who grow all manner of things on their […]

Hog Roast Abbey Wood for a Mods and Rockers 40th Birthday!

Since Quadraphenia was her husband Paul’s favourite film of all time, it seemed only fitting to Emma that she should throw him a ‘Mods versus Rockers’ party to celebrate his 40th birthday! Unfortunately, Sting couldn’t be there to help him celebrate, but luckily for Paul, Hog Roast Abbey Wood were in attendance to do the catering! […]