Birthday Party Hog Roast Harrow

Over the weekend, we had a truly fantastic time catering a children’s birthday party with a hog roast Harrow. The theme was of a zoo and so featured a variety of zoo animals. From cheeky monkeys to curious meerkats and Continue reading

Halloween Hog Roast Chertsey

It’s nearly time for Halloween to bring us plenty of witches and vampires and for Guy Fawkes Night to bring us glorious arrays of fireworks and bonfires. If you’re planning a get-together at this time of year to celebrate either Continue reading

DIY Hog Roast Northwood!

If you’re catering for large numbers, a hog roast Northwood can be a great way to feed your guests and a sure-fire way to impress them. But did you know that it’s also ideal for smaller parties? Even if you Continue reading

Super Hog Roast Brixton!

At some point in your life, you probably wanted to be a superhero. I certainly did and I remember wanting a superhero party for my birthday as a child, too. Unfortunately, it never happened for me, but thankfully I got Continue reading

Hog Roast In Holloway

It sometimes surprises me how often we cater children’s birthday parties these days. The sight of a roasting animal can impress many an adult, but sometimes kids are wary or even a little scared, especially if it’s their first time. Continue reading